YouTube channel management, content distribution and outside-the-box
revenue solutions ‐ all from a friendly multi-channel community.

No Contract

When you join out network you don't need to sign a contract, there are no contracts at all, you can even join another network.

100% Revenue

Unlike traditional networks, we're not after your AdSense revenue. We don't take a cut of your revenue, all of your earnings go to you.

No YouTube CMS

We don't take control of your channel using the YouTube Content Management System. You stay in full control.

Full Ownership

We take nothing. You retained all ownership and intellectual property rights of you videos. It's your content always.

Content Distribution

We'll promote your videos across our network in email newsletters and through our syndicated video portal website.

Channel Management

We offer premium help and support on an ongoing basis to help you maximise the effectiveness of your content.

We're Not Like Other Networks

We are not YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we're the first and only multi-channel community. A place where you can grow your channel and subscriber base, increase your views and produce better content as part of a friendly online community.

The main thing people want from a YouTube network is to increase their view count but no one can give you free views, that's something all YouTubers need to work on themselves. That's where Higgypop Club comes in, we can help you increase those crucial metrics by giving you access to free tools, resources and a community to support you.

We offer all the best bits of an MCN but we don't take a share of your AdSense money in order offer it to you.

When you sign up to Higgypop Club, we don't take control of your channel, we don't take your revenue, we don't tie you in to a contract but we do connect you with other YouTube Creators who can help you grow as well as give you the tools to make great content.


We scour the internet looking for the best tutorials, where possible surfacing how to videos from our own network.

Technical Help

We offer our members the best of the best guides to video production for YouTube, tutorials and platform technical guides.

Free Audio

Never pay for music again, we have a well researched library of free-to-use audio libraries which we keep regularly updated.


We match you to potential collaborators in our network who are of a similar age, content type or close to you.










Joining the Higgypop community is quick and easy. There are no minimum requirements, no approval process, no nasty contracts to sign and most importantly, no requirement for you to hand over your channel to us. You stay in full control, always.

You can see just how easy signing up is by watching the video below and get a little preview of our Community Dashboard. The Dashboard is a place where you can grow your channel with other Creators. It's where you can get access to tool, tips, offers and get to know other members.

Because we're not a multi-channel network, signing up involves no risk for you. You can leave any time you like and even join other networks while benefiting from all we have to offer.

Get Connected.

Stay connected with us through social networks.

Everyone is eligible to join the Higgypop community, it's free and there's no contracts sign...


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